4 Best Ways To Experience Singapore From Different Angles

Have you been to Singapore several times? It’s time to explore the beautiful city with a few different angles that make your adventure unique and different. 

We all will agree that Singapore is the most compact city with 721.5 km² area having a population of 5.6 million residents. Being a small city, it doesn’t mean that one or two trips will be sufficient to explore the city but if you plan to travel the city with a different angle and with different places you can have a good time.

Below we have rounded up four best ways you can spend your time exploring Singapore and looking at its beautiful spots with a different perspective.

So, let’s get started and learn how to make an itinerary for Singapore. Start by booking your trip immediately by reserving flight seats in advance using Expedia promo code. Then, enjoy your time doing these activities below:

1. Head to the trendiest Hawker Centre

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Timbre+ is an interesting food park located in Singapore that offers some grooviest hawker centre that makes your Singapore trip even more interesting. It is nestled at the One-North urban food centre which is a perfect combination of local arts and food to die for. This is just a go-to spot enjoyed by all the expats living in Singapore and the most interesting thing about the Hawker centre is you will always be oozing with the foodies all around you.

2. Have a drink with a view at sun-down

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Most of the tourists will have a flock to the top of Marina Bay and will watch the sunset of Singapore’s highest peak. In order to avoid the crowds, enthusiastic prices and to look over Marina Bay Sands, you can sit on the LeVel33 bar and find Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 where the tourists can have a cosy time. This lets you relax at an incredible spot and explore long days out in the world’s highest urban craft factory, pretty funky!

3. Check out Haji Lane

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Haji Lane is one of the coolest street art in Singapore that is a must watch. You can bring down your memory lane by visiting here and see the people wearing funky clothes, taking cool snap photographs leaning against the wall.  So, to enjoy a good time here, choose flowy clothes like loose skirts, dresses and bright colours that really stand out and create a beautiful contrast. There are plenty of renowned bars and restaurants that offer traditional as well as western food and serving some best traditional and Western foods which you can try.

4. Watch the sunrise from Marina Bay Sands

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If you love the sunrise effect and are a huge fan of it then watching the sunrise from Marina Bay Sands is one of the beautiful parts of your trip to Singapore. You can start a beautiful day by watching this amazing view with pure serenity. So, get ready for an exciting trip to Singapore by watching the Marina Bay Sands.

Also, your trip will be more adventurous and exciting if you prep your trip in advance by booking the best things to do in Singapore using Klook promo code.

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