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Everything You Need to Know About Big Buddha of Phuket

The most revered and significant landmarks of Phuket, Big Buddha is an impressive 45-metre tall statue situated in the Nakkerd Hills. The place lies between the area of Chalong and Kata. The size of the statue is so huge that it could be easily seen from distance as far as Phuket Town itself. The lofted nature of the site makes it a great place for enjoying the beautiful landscape of the island with a complete 360-degree view.

The vistas of the surrounding region include the Chalong Bay Kata, Karon and Phuket Town which will sweep you of your feet. If you wish to explore these beautiful vistas of Phuket, you can avail the Klook Promo Code to get the best travel deals on tour bookings.

Big Buddha

big-buddha-phuketThe surrounding atmosphere of the place makes it an absolutely delightful place altogether. You can literally sit here and feel happy about being a human being. The bells striking in the background add melodious mood to make things even more pleasant. As you come closer to the structure, you begin to hear the sound of Dharma Music of the Buddhist tradition with beautiful melancholy.

The experience of visiting this statue may not be religiously associated to people other than Buddhists and Hindu but even those who are not can also not deny the immensely pleasurable feeling and the sense of satisfaction that the place brings about in your mind. According to Thai traditional belief, this statue is of Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha. The statue was constructed in the year 2004 and covered 25 meters of land on the base.

People’s Faithbig-buddha-bells

There is a touching message written on the thousands of bricks and white marble slabs used in making the imagery. On an average day, it is estimated that more than 1,000 people come to visit the Big Buddha and usually donate money for proper care and maintenance of this revered statue. People also purchase items and write their wishes on them for good luck of their family and friends or those who have attained mortality.

Practical Information

big-buddha-statuesPhuket Big Buddha is a religious site and it is better to keep respect for the followers of the faith. It is considered as disrespectful towards the diety and the faith if you enter the premises of this holy place without properly covering the body. There are some clothes available for free of cost to those who find themselves inappropriately dressed for visiting the statue.

Interested to Know More?

a) A Sea View Restaurant is located near the Big Buddha and is a nice place to chill out after visiting the site. The food there is reasonable in terms of taste and price and the view, of course, is wonderful.

b) The road to Nakkerd Hills is in good condition, most parts are newly built but it has many curves and some steep climbs, which less-powerful scooters can struggle with. Some young tourists enjoy hiking up, even though it usually takes them over an hour to reach the top.

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