Religious Places

3 Places that Perfectly Depict the Magical Ancient Past of Myanmar

Myanmar’s attractions lie largely in the area of the spiritual. Temples, pagodas and historical sites abound with some areas such as Bagan boasting so many attractions that it would be impossible to take them in during a single visit. With friendly locals, a tropical climate, cheap transportation and truly awesome sights, Myanmar is a fascinating and bewitching destination.

To explore Myanmar, you got to immerse yourself in the ancient history of the place see through the prism of those times. It is truly a remarkable feat for any place to sustain in such a euphoric sense of own history back in 500 B.C. and you can literally feel the mysticism in the environment surrounding this gorgeous place. You can easily enjoy a three or four-day trip using the Klook Promo Code to this scenic paradise where you would feel lost in the infinity and timelessness of the ancient times. Here are 3 most magical places you can explore in Myanmar;

Yangon (Rangoon)

myanmarYangon is one of the best cities for travellers coming to South East Asia. It is also Myanmar’s largest city and has blissful and fairy tale like landscape that will leave you speechless for the lack of words to describe the beauty of Myanmar. This place would be particularly loved by the Nature lovers as they get to see the city’s stunning lakes, shaded green park and verdant tropical trees. The impeccable beauty of the natural surroundings of Yangoon has got it the name of ‘The Garden City of the East’. But just when you think Yangon is all about the natural bliss, you get to explore an inumerable number of fantastic attractions for a surprise.  Yangon is the commercial hub of Myanmar thanks to its seaport and connectivity for export and import. The city was first developed as a planned settlement by the King Alaungpaya in the year 1877. He was the person who gave the city its name Yangon, which translate into English as ‘End of Strife’. During British rule, the name of this city was anglicised and began to be known as Rangoon. Amidst the long trail of history and an enchanting cultural identity, Yangon as a city has kept the balances at the tradition, culture and modernity each within itself. This alone makes Yangoon a truly striking place which everyone should see for a change.

Bagan (Pagan)


Bagan is one of the ancient cities that used to be the capital place of the first Burmese Empire. This city lies in the plains of the central region of Myanmar in the fertile banks of Irrawaddy River. The city was developed as a leading spiritual region with an infinite number of temples and pagodas built all around on its land. The most temples of the region are estimated to have been built in between 11th and 13th century A.D. There are estimated to be more than 2000 pagodas in the forest region of the outskirts of Bagan. The actual number of the temples and pagodas built in the region are supposed to be much higher as many of them got ruined with the time.

Ngwe Saung

ngwe-saungNgwe Saung is a popular beach among tourists visiting Myanmar. It is situated to the west of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. ‘Ngwe’ means silver, which explains perfectly the silvery sand on the beach here. There is a domestic airline called Air Bagan which flies here from Pathein. The flight lasts 25 minutes. From Pathein one has to take a car ride to reach the beach. Since travelling to Ngwe Saung is not the easiest experience, not too many people brave the journey and this has allowed the beach here to remain unspoilt by tourist invasions. Those who like Ngapali Beach because of its cleanliness and tranquillity will also appreciate the scarce human activity at the Ngwe Saung Beach.

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