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5 Best Street Art Spots In Singapore For Touring!

Did you know that Singapore is the best place that has a reputation for clean streets and strict rules? There is a flourishing market scene, attractive arts, museums, and much more to cherish. The unsanctioned destruction of the public property faces the harsh punishment with more property owners that have to open up their blank spaces still endures severe penalty, more business partners who have started to open up their blank walls, allowing the international street artists to prove their creativity at public places in Singapore.

If you are planning to travel to Singapore for experiencing the art spots then you must look here some top spots that are famous for its beautiful walls, designed by local and international street artists. Here are five spots in Singapore where you can see the best street art scene.

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1. Victoria Street

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The fans of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic‘s has some great work collection where he has trademarks of local kids playing, scattered near the streets between Arab Street and Jalan Sultan. His art pieces have a great culture with a cultural scene of an actual piece is becoming popular with a camera-shaped building that houses the Vintage Cameras Museum, along with a painting by Singaporean artist Ceno2.

2. Haji Lane promo code

All the art lovers, love this lane for its indie boutique rail outlets that attract the photographers near the Beach Road Junction. The Colombian street artist Didier Jaba Mathieu’s makes great art loaded with pop colour figures featuring alleyway that combines to Arab Street featuring the work by Ceno2, Yok & Sheryo and local company ZincNiteCrew.

3. Aliwal Street

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Many tourists also love visiting Aliwal Arts street because of its ever-changing canvas of works on the beautiful black coloured walls. Many of Singapore’s popular performing arts groups work along with local studio space in Aliwal Arts Centre. Visit the Sultan Arts Centre across the street and find graffiti shop at The Blackbook Studio and change upon the artist’s works on the long panels in the yard.

4. Tekka Centre promo code

There are many popular markets and hawker food spot in Singapore where one can find numerous paintings around the market complex. This is a where one can take part in annual Artwalk Little India. It is a famous outdoor arts festival that offers commissions to local and international artists in order to create work celebrating the culture of an Indian heritage district.

5. Somerset Skate Park

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Somerset Skate Park is also one of the popular places where Singaporeans love to click a beautiful picture with the beautiful art background. Here the street artists can create freely on the walls and slopes without needing anyone’s permission unlike most of the commissioned walls. Besides the beautifully decorated walls, you can also see the graffiti scribbled over the slopes and floor.

Do make a plan to visit Singapore’s top art spots along with experience a few other top attractions. So, before you plan your trip to Singapore, book your flights and hotels online at cheap prices using promo code.

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