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5 Must Visit Places Near Singapore’s Boat Quay Before The Night Falls

This tourist-friendly place offers a delightful time to all the explorers who are looking for more than just cool water holes. Aside from the popular bars, Boat Quay in Singapore is one ideal spot where one could enjoy the amazing restaurant, hostels and also spend the most unforgettable time of the year.

Boat Quay is one of the significant nightlife scenes in Singapore. Here one could have the best time enjoying the social waterfront and financial tower, one could easily have the best nightlife.

In recent years, Boat Quay has undergone transformations. Once it was filled up with cargo boats and hawker stalls and now the streets are lined up with tables and riverside bars and restaurants. There is so much to see and explore. The Bumboats which once carried cargo now contain tourists and bring back them on a journey into their past.

With the profusion of bars and entertainment hubs, Boat Quay has seen the great transformation and gained a huge reputation as a shabby spot. Not convinced till yet? We searched a few must-visit places near the Boat Quay. So, plan to visit those places and stay in the most comfortable hotels by and use the unique promo code to book hotels in Singapore at a huge discount.

So, before you start your night journey at Boat Quay, explore some beautiful and fun places near the area!

1. Superhero Concept


If you love superheroes, then this is the ideal spot where you must make your visit. It is the most famous and favourite superheroes themed cafe serving affordable bento sets, merchandise toys and comic sets as well as costumes. You will feel like a villain here and want to live those moments.

2. Cafe Neko No Niwa


Another nearby favourite spot is Cafe Neko No Niwa. It’s kitties-galore and known as Singapore’s first cat cafe. You could take a leaf out of the popular Japanese concept and mingle around with cats while sipping a cup of coffee. Cuddle with more than 13 adorable cats and play with them.

3. Sabaai Sabaai


Give your body a rest by treating your tired body a massage at Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage Parlour. The traditional Thai massage also includes foot, neck, shoulder massages with a mixture of oil and aroma. It is quite a nice place located close to the Central Business District that makes convenient for workers to relax and act as an after-work revival.

4. Genesis Vegan


Genesis is quite popular with the vegans as it offers some refreshing fresh ingredients and organic ingredients. The restaurant uses clean and good cooking methods to keep customers happy and wants them to return for more.

Genesis feeds to many appetites along with offering an exquisite range of cuisines ranging from Asian to Western culture. The dumplings and homemade desserts are the much talked about food item o rave about.

5. Takumen


The growing demand in Singapore is the undying love for Japanese staple. With the regular integration of new shops, Takumen is the latest entrant that offers a plethora of ramen pieces in society. As soon as it has set up in Singapore, fans have started raving about their ramen. This is quite surprising as Takumen caters to treat the local taste buds by offering milder versions of their 6 types of ramen.

So, on your next visit to Singapore, do not forget to indulge in Boat Quay and also explore some ravishing nearby places to double your fun.

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