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3 Awesome Winter Escapes in Asia That You Should Experience

Winter season might not be as good as we want it to be with the temperature falling down to bone-chilling freezing points and even the atmosphere turns to numb the nerves with those chills. For anyone who wishes to escape such extreme weather in the winter season, there is nothing better than South Asia Trip. The place is unaffected by the cold winter waves owing to its proximity with the equator and the serene sea waters surrounding the small beautiful islands. It does make the entire region a very gorgeous place to escape the cool snow of the north.

So if you do want to experience the tranquil white beaches on an idle island, look no further and book a trip to with these Expedia Promo Codes and get the best deals for these 3 destinations in South East Asia to have a refreshing experience far away from the freezing cold.

Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa in SIngaporeThe destination which does not need any introduction has to be Singapore. Sentosa Islands is one of the most prolific destinations of Singapore with a plethora of activities and fun on the cards for any visitor. The Sentosa Islands is probably the best of Singapore compiled in one and served with ample garnishing to make your experience unforgettable. Sentosa has a number of theme parks, amusement centre, exotic beach, serene water parks, blissful and organic landscapes and what else do you want from just one place?

Pangkor Island, Malaysia

PangakorThese islands are very convenient to reach and therefore the aptest choice for any short trip that you might get a chance to engage in. This place is merely three hours away from the capital of Malaysia and offers one of the most ideal island reprieves you would find in the whole world. The island is especially known for its outrageously marvellous scenic beach views and enigmatic feel of nature in the background. Nipah Bay in the Pangkor Islands is a kind of place that you would remember for the rest of your life.

Palawan Island, Philippines

VietnamThe Palawan Islands is also a very assorted place to for an island reprieve and certainly one of the best in the collection of 7000 islands that the Philippines has in its territory. The place is an absolute delight for its rich natural beauty and the rawness of its origin intact and untempered by the human developments. The place has relaxing beaches, crystal blue lagoons, unbelievable underground rivers, incredible hills and raw ecosystem and biodiversity to top it all. The place is also a very nice one for the sea divers as it offers a great underwater experience with the magical sea world and many shipwrecks collected over the years beneath these waters.

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