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3 Unthinkable Experiences You Must Try in Singapore

There are many aspects of Singapore that make it one of the most popular places in the world. Things that you might have heard about Singapore such as crazy infrastructures, unique hawker stalls, cleanliness drive, business-friendly economy, environmentally friendly urbanization and well-organized planning are few of the many impeccable features that Singapore has evolved over the years. Without showing any disrespect for the achievements of Singapore, it would be not wrong to say that these features might be found in a rare but still a few other places of the world too.

To be honest, there are some unthinkable experiences that you can try in Singapore which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. These are not adventures which you could practice and are rather the part of a unique service found only in Singapore. These experiences are therefore unarguably astounding, and you should not miss out trying them at any cost on your trip. If you are planning a visit, here are Expedia Vouchers for you to make your travel booking at an incredible discount and avail the cheapest prices.

Here are 4 Unthinkable Experiences You Must Try During your Trip to Singapore.

Freehand Flying

freehand flying

There are quite a few ways to fly in the air but each of them requires some kind of skydiving tools or mechanical engineering products. But here’s one place where you could actually fly without any fuss of carrying just with the bare hands. This is possible at the indoor flying facility built in Singapore that offers the experience of skydiving without any risk involved and no need for the parachute or any other such help. It is the world’s first themed wind tunnel which gives the fun of skydiving from a height of 12,000 feet within an indoor premise of five storey building. This freehand flying experience is not available anywhere else in the world at present.

Tree-Top Walk


The McRitchie Reservoir in Singapore is a forest conservation site that has a unique highlight. The forest has a bridge that takes you through the forest right above the tree top. This is a suspension bridge that connects two of the highest locations within the reserve but it was practically very difficult for an average person to cross the dense forest reserve through the land and therefore this bridge was developed as a solution. This gives a very extraordinary feel of forest right from the top where you could walk just a few inches above the treetops and witness the magic of mature forest with an unparalleled view not available elsewhere in the world. This bridge is at a height of 25 metres and covers a distance of 25 metres in total. It is an adventure worth trying.

Night Safari

night safari

The jungle safari is nothing new and has been carried out by the zoologists and animal researchers for a long time. But while those researchers and zoologists spend several nights to explore the distinct animals in their natural habitat, Singapore has its own customized safari which gives the best experiences of it within a span of 45 minutes. You can find a plethora of animals living in conditions similar to their natural habitats in this safari. This unique customized night safari in Singapore carries the best aspect of an actual night safari and formulates a truly mind-blowing experience without spending several nights inside the wild nature.

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