Museums in Singapore

Get The Traditional Taste Of Singapore By Seeing The Cultural Attraction & Heritage Sites!

If you have been to Singapore many times but still have not got chance to see the traditional side of Singapore then this is the time to update all the info about traditional Singapore and get ready to have a wonderful ride to Singapore. In this post, we will discuss the heritage and cultural attraction of Singapore that surely shouldn’t be missed!

Singapore has an old-world charm, firmly secured traditions and a period that has heart and head held high. There are various things that pulled crowds every year, including the heritage food establishments, diverse heritage, displayed in the extensive collection of cultures, nations and religions. Plan a good time in Singapore now, by booking your flight and hotels from promo code and enjoy huge savings on your bookings.

Look here below to understand the traditional side of Singapore and know how you can enjoy Singapore closely like a local.

Various Religions in Singapore co-exist in unanimity! promo code

Singapore is one of the most sacred places that happens to be one of the religiously diverse countries in the world. People have faiths and worship together in the city. When you visit here, you can head out to Waterloo Street or South Bridge Road where you’ll find different places options to worship like temples, mosques and synagogues—situated very closely side by side.

Breathtaking Places Of Worships!

Sri Mariamman Temple (Dravidian) promo code

The gorgeous six-tiered gopuram (grand tower entrance) is the most iconic choice temple in Singapore to visit. The temple built in the Dravidian style of architecture adorned with Hindu goddesses, playful creatures, and even Indian sepoys from the British Raj.

There is the main hall for prayer, you can enter and see the shrines worshipping various deities. Visit the oldest Hindu temple Sri Mariamman now that focus on pioneering Hindu community.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Chinese)


This is again the most celebrated temple completed in the year 2007. The Buddhist temple offers a charming yesteryear aesthetic and an architecture followed by northern Chinese temple styles.

The temple has an extremely precise architecture that attracts many Singaporeans and tourists. The architecture also ensured that the traditions are abided by Singapore’s Chinese heritage and appreciate its proximity of Chinatown.

Multicultural Walks in Singapore!

A Tour with our Ancestors: Feng Shui Tour 


To learn the Chinese practice of feng shui (geomancy) that is implanted in the architectural roots of Singapore then you must leave on this tour. There will be a personal guide who will pick you from your hotel and will take you around the city highlighting the feng shui elements—like the ‘Seven Falling Stars’.

Walk around Little India: Dhobis, Saris and Spot of Curry promo code

Little India is one of the famous spots and most people love to explore this place. On your tour, you will witness the orchestrates, scenes, tones and scents. This tour advances you to different perspectives of traditional Indian culture and the Hindu religion.

You could also delve in the cultural food by smelling the aroma of spices flowing out from the restaurants onto the streets. And along with it see the beautiful flower garlands being weaved on roadside trolleys.

Plan to visit all these above places and try more options in Singapore. As a nation, Singapore is home to a broad variety of religions, ethnicities and faiths!

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