2 Most Vital Tips for First Time Travellers to Singapore

Travelling to a new place is always an exciting experience that most human beings cherish. In fact, most passionate travellers are so addicted to the concept of travelling that they just can’t get enough of travelling and start planning for their next trip even before they return from their present one. This is although a bit too much to the like of an average person, even if he loves to travel. People usually believe that there is a limit to everything beyond which it tends to become a problem rather than pleasure.

One mistake that most of the inexperienced travellers often commit is to be unaware of the place they are going to visit. It is a quintessential aspect to have some basic knowledge about a place and it always helps if you have done your homework well in advance. Singapore is a popular tourist attraction, attracts a big number of tourist every year. It is indeed a beautiful place to visit. If you are visiting Singapore in the next few days, don’t miss out on the Halloween Horror Night. You can book tickets using these Klook Vouchers and avail great discount offers.

These are 2 vital tips that would be really helpful in Singapore for any first-time traveller.

Pack Your Summer Wardrobes

summerSingapore is a tropical place that gives it a warm summer-like temperature throughout the year. The average temperature of Singapore is between 24-34 degree Celsius which essentially means that there is no way that you would ever need your winter clothing in Singapore and it would be absolutely useless to carry the extra baggage of winter wears along with you for a Singapore trip.

hot and humidThe temperature is not extremely high as such but still, there is a lot of precipitation and humidity that will leave you sweating a lot whenever you are outside. It is better advised to plan your outdoor visits early in the mornings and get done with it before the sun rises up to the top of the sky. For shopping, you can go out after the sunset as the market come to their real fervour in the nights. Singapore also receives random drizzles in-between due to unpredictable torrential air flowing from the ocean.

Stick to Your Budget

hawker centreOf all the many countries in South East Asia, Singapore is the most expensive one. Although many people from the west don’t have a clue about this fact and often end up in a mess due to unplanned expenditures. Always keep in the mind that travelling to Singapore is a bit costlier than the other countries of its region. Therefore, it is recommended to make your travel budget in accordance with it. The cost of living might be on a higher side in Singapore but there is no denying the fact that a budget traveller still has a lot of benefits going his way. There are many things which are cheap in the country such as food. You can easily have good meals from some of the top quality cooks at a very inexpensive price thanks to the hawker centres.

transportationSimilarly, you can shop for some amazing products at unbelievably cheap prices at the Chinese street markets. But if you go around without a clue about the right places for your budget, you can easily stumble upon places that can totally ruin your budget altogether. Similarly, you can easily use public transport in Singapore for going from one place to other as they are really fast, cheap and safe mode of transportation. If you are going to hire cabs or taxis, it would certainly leave a hole in your pocket. So, it is advised to be well planned about the right places for eating, shopping and transport.

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