Adventure and Fun

5 Adventure Activities You Must Try In Singapore For Sure!


Going on an adventure travel is almost every adventure lover’s dream. This summer holidays, while planning a holiday trip to Singapore, plan it wisely and include some thrilling excursions to various adventure hotspots that are widely known for offering adrenaline-rush activities.

Singapore, being the hottest travel destination in the world, is sometimes also known as an adventure travel destination as well. This is because there are many adventure and fun places that every traveler especially adventure lover must visit and experience the activities at least once in a lifetime.

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Now, let’s take a quick glance at the top adventure activities you must definitely experience and try while traveling to Singapore-

Indoor Sky Diving!


Wanna experience the thrill of skydiving but the fear of height and vast open space stops you from doing so? Then indoor skydiving is for you. Experience the thrill of 10,000ft freefall in a five-story indoor wind tunnel. Go body flying in the largest ever wind tunnel in the world and enjoy indoor skydiving, one of most adventurous thing you could do in Singapore.

Reverse Bungy!


Head to the Clarke Quay to enjoy the thrilling reverse bungy jumping adventure. One of the best place to visit in Singapore if you are an adventure lover. The G-Max reverse Bungy at the Clarke Quay straps you into a capsule and catapult you straight into the air for about 60 meters at the press of a button. The ride is incredibly fast and fun and is absolutely safe.


Indoor Surfing!


Located on the Sentosa island, WaveHouse is yet another must-visit adventure spot for if you wish to enjoy indoor surfing activity. Safe, exciting and thrilling, all these make this indoor surfing worth enjoying. You can start with the Double FlowRider with two waves. With the endless sheet of water flowing at a speed of 20m/h riders can carve up & down the surface and perform various tricks similar to other watersports.

Scuba Diving!


Out of many adventurous activities in Singapore, Scuba Diving is the best. Head to places such as Pulau Hantu, Pulau Jong, Singapore Wrecks or Kusu Island to explore thousands of marine species and aquatic life deep undersea. Snorkel over a colorful coral reef with over 20,000 friendly fishes and feel the adrenaline rushing down the hydro-magnetic coaster.



Yet another most happening adventure activity that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Singapore is zorbing. Also known as the water-walking balls, zorbing is about entering a deflated ball and trying to walk in it and traveling from one end to the other end. Once you enter the ball, the huge zorb ball is then zipped from outside and pushed in the water.

So, these are few amazing adventure hotspot that you must visit while holidaying in Singapore. also, don’t forget to avail AirAsiaGo voucher codes to make huge savings while enjoying amazing discounts.

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