Museums in Singapore

Travelling For The First Time In Singapore? Know The Top Museums In Singapore That You Must Visit?

Singapore Attractions

After an exhausting break from the work it becomes more of a necessity to visit some amazing places and then Singapore is one of them. This type of trip will loose all your stress and will make you happy. So, head out in the paradise of joy and make yourself catch up with friends over trips, soak in the rain and move with the wildness of the trip.

Whether you are taking a trip with your friends or family the major things that bothers you is the budget. But now your travel bookings will be cut down at half the price and you will be getting away through the expensive budget of the hotels, flights and many other things.

When you are in Singapore, there many of the exciting places that are the must visit for the travelers. But the most imp travelling sites are the museums because these are related to the historic events that are preserved and these also gives knowledge of many other events.

Take a look at the museums

 National Museum

Singapore attractions

One of the oldest museum which started as a section of library has now become a grand museum that stores lot many memories and also relates directly to the historic time period. This museums is one among the 4 national museums in the world. This museum was named National Museum in 1965.

Peranakan Museum

Singapore Attractions

This museum depicts peranakan culture that is the specialty of Singapore.  it is the first of its kind in the world, that explores Peranakan cultures in Singapore. This museum makes the traveler feel good about the culture that is existing and also the traditions that is followed avidly.

Art Science Museum

Singapore attractions

This museum is related to the arts and science culture that can be actually very knowledgeable for the kids. If you want to make your kids know about the vivid sorts of studies then, this museum will be great place for not only kids but, also for the travelers who are intrigued in knowing about various facts.

Changi Museum

Singapore attractions

This museum is created as a replica of chapel and the museum is next to the Changi Prison. There are many rules that are associated with this museum. Like no photographs are allowed to be take. The exhibits are presented in a manner that evokes strong emotions and personal connection.

Mint Museum Of Toys

Singapore Attractions

You all have come across the normal museums but this type of museum is pretty much interesting as this museum depicts and has a purpose behind this astounding museum which shows a  private collection of vintage toys. It was officially opened on March 5, 2007 and officiated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Attractions

This type of art museum focuses on the art practices of Singapore, and Southeast Asia. This part of museum has built up an important public connections that equally collaborates with the international art museums. Singapore art museum also, experience an amazing exhibition that is related to education and public program such as tours, talks, workshops, special curator and artist tours, as well as downloadable activity sheets.

So, get ready to travel through the knowledge seeking roads and make your trip a perfect bliss.

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