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Top Best Adventure Places To Trek In Singapore!

Seesingapore Attractions

When stepping into Singapore, you cannot but simply marvel at this amazing country. Apart from beautiful, spectacular spots that promise unlimited fun, you can fulfill every desire of your heart while you are here, be it shopping, adventure or be it anything else.

If you have the adventurer’s streak in you, there are tons of options in Singapore where you can experience nature up close and also fuel the swashbuckler in you! Trekking is a great sport for all those who love to explore nature’s bounty. While you are finding your way up a trekking trail, you can not only see some of nature’s incredible creations in the form of animals, insects, birds, plants but also treat your eyes to breathtaking views from high above.

So, basically, trekking is a perfect adventure that you can experience in Singapore and make a perfect vacation for yourself and your family. Check out the best places of Singapore to enjoy your escapade at a perfect price!

Treetop Walk and MacRitchie Reservoir

seesingapore attractions

This is another great place to trek while you are in Singapore where you can look forward to a combination of terrains like rocky, muddy as well as concrete. Deep woods, strolling on boardwalks along with the water bodies that also offers a calming and relaxing experience. The 250-meter long Treetop walk is only one of the highlights and one of the many trekking trails of this bountiful natural park.

Southern Ridges

See singapore attractions

The Southern Ridges are an amazing place for trekkers. This amazing trail will not fail to surprise you, given the widely varying terrains spread across ten kilometers of green expanse. If you dislike muddy paths, then this is the best option to have fun and keep your shoes clean at the same time! Southern Ridges connect a series of hill parks in the southernmost part of Singapore. You can also go on this trail through various entry points that allow you to choose your path as per your preference and ease.

Fort Canning Park

See Singapore attractions

If you are an avid trekker, then Fort Canning Park has to be on your list whenever you are visiting Singapore. A bit higher than 60 meters, this sanctuary is situated right in the heart of the city that is offering you interesting experiences by giving you an insight into the country’s rich history combined with recreation.

Now that you are aware of the best places to have an astounding trek then, why delay in visiting? Just enter the places by grabbing best of the discounts on your travel and utilize the travel booking!

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