Adventure and Fun

Travel The City That Echoes With the Roar Of The Lion!


A major depth of historical glances you will now come across this blog. There lies a myth that Lions lived in Singapore. This is a big no! As this city was named after Sang Nila Utama the prince who saw an animal that was most likely to be a Malayan Tiger. And from then Singapore got eminent “Lion City”.

Lions are always considered as the remarkable symbol of good fortune and strength thus Sang Nila Utama renamed the city “Singapura” that derived from the Malay words “Singa” for Lion and “Pura” for the city.

So, aforementioned paragraphs have already given you the brief of Singapore city and this is actually important before you plan to land up in any of the destination all around the globe to have a gist of what the city is actually about is quite important.

Travel to the city Singapore and encounter the various attractions and also the exhilarating activities that will amaze you and your family both and will also make your voyage worth the amount you will spend on the complete travel.

Oh yeah! now comes the matter of prices so you can just sit back and relax because to plan your travel Klook is all set to spell bound you with the amazing activities that you can enjoy here in Singapore.

Adventured in Singapore

Indoor Sky Diving


Skydiving but many have the phobia of heights and thus they are deprived of the fun and frolics. To assure the safety and also to ensure the traveler’s exhilaration here is an indoor wind tunnel in Singapore where you can go fly your body as this is the largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving for a rush like no other.

Formula One Adventure


Unleash the power of a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Singapore’s formula one circuit. It is one of the most exciting outdoor activities to do in Singapore. Cruise with a turbocharged double tour for a few hair-raising laps. So, why to miss the fun? gain some vitalizing power for your body itself.

Reverse Bungy


Reverse your energy and feel exhilarated as this adventure sport is all about reverse bungee at Clarke Quay, one of the best adventure places in Singapore, to experience the gravitational force akin to a rocket launch. This exciting outdoor activity in Singapore is done keeping in mind all necessary security and safety of the visitants.

Heart Throbbing View From The Flyer


How does it feel standing on some height and getting the feels of the whole city with an unobstructed view yes! this is it. Stand at a stunning 165m from the ground and gaze at an unobstructed view from the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel.

So, acknowledge the life and don’t ruin it getting yourself involved in some kind of monotony take a step forward and bewilder yourself with such pleasing experiences of a lifetime!

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