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Electric Picnic Festival At Fort Canning Park: Guaranteed Unforgettable Night Out

If you listen to it with divinity, it connects you with the self, if you let yourself absorbed by, impossible to escape the extreme entertainment that is the power of music. And Singaporeans are not only aware of this fact but are known for having a melodious taste in music. As much Singaporeans enjoy the music, they are the most crafty musicians as well, who produces some of the great numbers every year. The symphony scene in Singapore is entering a golden age of music.image Garden Beats

Do you have doubts about our claim? Then get yourself booked for the Garden Beats – the Electric Picnic Festival on 19th March at Fort Gate, in the leafy heart of Fort Canning Park, Singapore. Truly, a heart-melting music extravaganza for music lovers in Singapore is decorated with typical Singaporean culinary treats, a Play Field to enliven the childhood memories as an adult and a Social Field to meet and mumble with old friends.kovacs-ebba-jornbaars 2015-09-03_ent_12443195_I1

When Sunshine Nation comes up with an electronic picnic, it is time for Singaporeans to dust off their picnic blanket and pack their picnic basket. Wear some floral prints to welcome the arrival of summer fashion trends and get your feet ready for either toe tapping or for putting a floor on the fire. Anyway, it is impossible for Singaporeans or visitors in Singapore to stay away from the nightlife in Singapore. Garden Beats heightens that craze to a new level by bringing Alle Farben, Faul & Wad, Jan Blomqvist, Roscius and likes.secret_garden_2015 electric-picnic-girls

Great music, appetizing meals, and a guaranteed unforgettable night out Sunshine Nation planned for you. To add the spice to your already hot plans, Zalora offers S$10 discount when you use this Coupon Code offered by Zalora. So, let your dancing feet loose to an eclectic international and local DJ lineup on two stages in Fort Canning Park.Electronic Picnic Map

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