Adventure and Fun

Make your Valentine’s Day incredible with Adrenaline Driven fun in Singapore

Valentine’s Day on Sunday? Seriously? ‘Strange’ may be an overstating, but this Valentine’s Day, you are going to see some funny scenes for sure. While girls can expect a special treatment for two days from their beaus thanks to a two-day weekend off, the guys certainly will have an oddball nonetheless. As nature goes, girls know no time limit to get mushy; guys usually resist the idea of getting all lovey-dovey twenty-four seven.

Walking hand in hand on the Marina Bay or resting her head on the shoulder of her SO is reason enough for a girl to feel excited about the special day, isn’t the case with a guy, however. A guy would anticipate a participation from his ladylove in a fun that is truly adrenaline driven to leave the stamp on the memories.

Well, if both the lovebirds are convinced to have a heart-throbbing fun that really fill the day with incomparable excitement and entertainment on Valentine’s Day besides having your scheduled date night and a romantic dinner, SSA brings you some of the most thrilling ideas of having fantabulous fun together and spend time together remarkably.

The matter of the fact is, you don’t need to go anywhere else, except your favorite spot in the world, that is Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island has become one of the most talked-about destinations in the world among those in need of a fast adrenaline fix. From surfing to indoor skydiving, Sentosa Island offers every opportunity to have the most exciting day in Singapore.

MegaZip4This one is genuinely addictive. One of the rare adventure sports in Singapore that may make even the big guy gasping. A three-wire zip makes you zip from the 75-meter-high platform and takes you on the journey of 450 meters from the hilltop, Parajump leap point onto a small platform over the water across the ocean, jungle and palms on Sentosa Island.

JetpackJetpackHawaiian Christina Tran brought these two water-powered jetpacks to Singapore in 2013. If you are up for the fitting reply to your fear of drowning, Jetpack is the perfect water sport for you. Jetpack is the safest way to fly in waters. All you need is a better understanding of power control to fly at the height of 10 meters above the sea level.

Flying TrapezeFlyingTrapezeThe timing of the list is the most crucial element when you are ready to fly through the air with the greatest ease on Flying Trapeze. All you need is to squeeze your stomach to lift your legs up. A timely lift and you are hooked onto the bar to let your hand go in a free flow of the swing that goes upside down. Before you really hop, listen to the every word of the instructor to be a successful flyer.

iFly Singapore
iFlyIf you think that skydiving in iFly Singapore is as easy as operating an iPhone, you are mistaken. But if you ever had fantasies of flying out of a plane into the air, iFly Singapore is the best way to train yourself. With a height of about 17 meters and a width of five meters, it is the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator. The most challenging task in iFly Singapore is finding the right balance of the body. Experience the weightlessness of free falling in a most secure way.

ClimbMaxYou are about to enjoy the journey of self-questioning and skyrocketing heartbeats that is followed by unimaginable pleasure and fun. The rope course consists of three levels on the top of Sentosa’s largest hill will give you a thrilling experience of 45 minutes. ClimbMax is an intense experience to get rid of the fear of heights. At the highest level, you will be jumping across a gap between platforms to set your pulse racing against your courage.

An hour-long enthralling entertainment among lovey-dovey moments isn’t a bad idea at all. What you guys say? Ready to give a shot at any of this and see if you have the courage to feel the extreme punch and come flying colors? Never mind if you aren’t a tough guy, you can find dining deals and get your girl to some posh restaurant to enjoy a fascinating dinner date.

Have a thrilling Valentine’s Day…!

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