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First-Person Reality Games: The Latest Craze Of Singaporean In 2016

At the advent of the 21st century, we all were warned about the new rules of the thumb that may impact the basic human efficiencies, challenges the presence of mind, thinking ability and may possibly ruin the childhood forever. Yes, some old schools had termed mobile phones and video games as the vices of the 21st century.1

We, At SSA, don’t really know who is winning the argument; the old school or the new school, however, one thing we know for sure that Singaporeans have decided to challenge the both, the old school thought and maniac called video games and mobile phones. Reversing the scenario, Singaporeans are returning to games that are no more virtual and more interesting than the virtual games.Picture1

None really saw this trend coming to Singapore, but in 2016, it has caught the imagination of an average Singaporean and have caught them frenzy. Yes, the escape puzzle games are the newest craze in Singapore. Get yourself locked in a themed room with your friend or a partner, where you will be given a few clues to get rid of various locks and obstacles enjoying a fascinating exit from that themed room.5

Come, join the newest game trend of Singapore if you have the perfect combination of wits, reasoning prowess, a keen eye for the details and a sharp presence of mind to gain a freedom. It is time for your give a rest to your thumb – before you become a dumb, and delve into this first-person reality game, which not only a perfect source of fun and entertainment, but a perfect medium to test your physical and mental abilities. Escaping the room requires players to be observant and use critical thinking skills to exploit the surroundings.2

Whether you are a game lover or mystery solver, puzzle breakers or anyone who is looking for something different and exciting, Singapore offers a great opportunity to be a real-time superhero and come out with flying colors. For, Singapore has a whole bunch of options.6

You can visit LockDown at Eu Tong Sen Street, which has ‘Who Killed You’ theme room among other fascinating games, including ParaPark and HintHunt. If you are in love with a Tomb Raider or Vampire Diary, you can visit Xcape at Bugis Village to indulge in immersive reality games. New Bridge Road is home to Exit Plan, which has Tickin’ Time Bomb, 8-Bit Aliens and Pandora The Haunted game rooms to test your brain juice in just SGD15. The Escape Artist has been the pioneer of the trend and has 8 different themed rooms to offer you pulse beating experience or reality games.3

So, if you are tired of playing the same old video games and mobile games, and if you are looking to escape the boredom, enter the first-person reality game rooms and test your mental and physical efficiency to be victorious. Add new layers of fun and excitement in your life and play like a true champion.

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