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Must-Go Restaurants of 2016 in Singapore

Being in Singapore, if you haven’t yet got swept away by its culture, architecture, endless sights to see and an ultra-modern lifestyle, let us guarantee that you will be drawn into sumptuousness of this culinary haven by every bite that melts in your mouth. What else would you call, if not Food Fanatics to Singaporeans when around 50 posh restaurants open every month in one or the other corner of this island city.

It is when 4 Singaporean restaurants made it to the list of “the world’s best 50 restaurants” list, people started swearing by the delicious delights and culinary skills of Singapore. Therefore, here at SSA, we take this opportunity to introduce you to one of novel ideas that promises to bring never-before-tasted flavor and flair to your taste buds. Take a look and book your table as soon as possible. Picture6 Picture11The day has finally arrived when Singapore can boast there is a three Michelin star restaurant in its midst, when chef Julien Royer return to the scene after departure from Jaan. A delicate balance between honesty and flair is a signature style of the Odette. The tasting menu is fantastically original, sophisticated, and audacious. At Odette, you are never far from the uncompromised respect for the quality of the ingredients. Each of the dishes at Odette are combined with genius creativity and artistic presentation. Picture5oClaude’s is nestled within the quiet Greenwood Avenue estate and steps away from Shelter In The Woods. Its location and its spaciousness make it the perfect destination for friendly get together and weekend family brunch. If you are fond of classic café sweets, give a chance to its artistically-plated delicacies. A mixture of fruits and sauces is a signature flavor of Claude’s, which you may never find elsewhere. Picture4Picture13This Ann Siang Road joint offers a perfect experience for a relaxing night out. If you have a keen urge of or want to try something new, Fat Saigon Boy would not disappoint you. A contemporary Australian-Vietnamese joint with casual, laid-back vibes, Fat Saigon Boy is an authentic destination to hit on some of the best Vietnamese dishes with a dash of Australian flair. The menu at Fat Saigon Boy not only contemporary, but also affordable by all counts.Picture3Picture12It is wonderfully refreshing to experience a fine menu in such a comfortable space with a rooftop view from Raffles Boulevard. The East Bureau is perched on a newly renovated outdoor piazza of Marina Square that overlooks The Esplanade. A fun Southeast Asian play, The East Bureau boasts the playful business feel with eclectic furnishing. Whether you are looking for a family gathering or want to spend some quality time with friends, The East Bureau will fill your heart with delights that are specially cooked with special Asian tastes.Picture2 Picture14Maggie Joan’s is a place that retails Singaporean formality while offering Mediterranean magnificence. A nondescript door along an empty back alley is the entrance to Maggie Joan’s, which requires a bit of an effort to find, but a worthy one. Discreetly tucked away, Maggie Joan’s is hidden gem that brings mysterious vibe to your taste buds. Ideal place for a date or celebrations among friends,  Maggie Joan’s is rich in taste and economical on the pocket. You re sure of finding a comfy corner with warm, cozy interior complete with raw brick walls.Picture1 burpple_cover_photo2-jpg_1199_originalNestled in the heart of Singapore at Naumi Hotel, step into Table by Rang Mahal with style and get ready to be transported to the streets of India where authentic and timeless Indian gastronomy are served to the table, delighting your senses with a contemporary touch. Table by Rang Mahal makes a breakthrough entrance and brings up to a whole new level by introducing an all-day dining menu, serving international dishes onto your table. At Table by Rang Mahal, a holistic dining experience extends to unimaginable level of satisfaction for the food lovers.

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