5 Dishes You Can’t Miss in Singapore to Have a Fruitful Trip

If I would suggest that ‘Have you eaten?’ is synonymous with ‘How are you?’ you might fall off your chair. However, for the citizens of the nation, whose national pastime is dining out, this can’t be untrue. To suggest that Singaporeans are food fanatics and food obsessed is an understatement. And, why not, when the culinary haven of Asia, Singapore has a culture to offer through its cuisine.

Doesn’t matter if you are a student wants to study in Singapore or a holidaymaker, who wants to explore the South Asia or a businessman, who wishes to expand his business in Singapore, the one reason that attracts everyone to Singapore – besides anything else – is the endless culinary delights that this Lion city has to offer. Amazing it is to hear that the favorite Singaporean food is one of the prime reasons why non-resident Singaporeans visit this city-state.

Incredible variety, splendid sumptuousness, and healthy ingredients incorporated in a rich heritage consisting of Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian influences make Singapore the ‘Go-To’ destination for any food lover. Creative culinary skills of international standards and local aromatic characteristics of Singapore can really be a treat of the life for those, who value diversity and understand taste more than on their tongue.

In Singapore, it is an art to satisfy your taste buds with signature dishes of Singapore without spending a bomb. Let us, at SSA, identify those dishes that capture the gastronomic heart of Singapore and are both unique in nature and taste as well as having origins in Singapore. No doubt, Singapore has at least 4 restaurants named in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’, the best taste of Singapore lies in its hawker centers.

Chilli Crab
Jumbo-Seafood-Chilli-CrabSignature Singaporean dish this has been. You can’t think of having a fruitful Singapore visit without eating the dish that is the de facto National Dish of Singapore. The face of Singapore Cuisine, Chilli Crabs are cooked in myriad ways; however, the most requested taste is cooked in a tangy, spicy chili sauce and semi-thick, sweet and savory tomato sauce added with Fresh meaty crabs stir-fried. Among Singaporeans, Black Pepper Crabs, Crab Bee Hoon, and Salted Egg Crabs are also popular. If you have a keen urge to Crab out, Singapore has countless hawker’s outlets besides gastronomic restaurants to taste the best of Singapore.

Fish Head Curry
15561377292_68431ccfdd_kFish Head Curry is another iconic dish that represents that Singapore’s culture and Indian influence. You would be in a gastronomic heaven the moment you savor the spicier and heavier taste of Indian style Fish Head Curry. A runaway hit with Singaporeans, Fish Head Curry is cooked in a hot and spicy, tamarind-based Indian curry with large, meaty fish heads stewed to tender perfection and surrounded by vegetables to keep you dipping in for more.

Katong Laksa
328-katong-laksa-4Almost all who have tasted Katong Laksa would vote it as one of the most delicious things on earth and the tastiest of Singaporean cuisine. A Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese) influenced dish, Katong Laksa refers to thick rice vermicelli served with a curry gravy made from spices for fragrance, chili for heat, coconut milk for that creamy rich mouth feel and tiny dried prawns for that umami kick. The Katong version has noodles cut into smaller lengths, so it can be easily scooped up.

Char Kway Teow
shengchengThe most missed food in Singapore, not only for the travelers, but also for the Singaporeans themselves. Char kway teow will always be incomplete without the sinfully rich fried pork lard pieces. Char Kway Teow is a near-perfect balancing act of sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy. A heady mixture of flat rice noodles, eggs, prawns, and cockles are stir-fried with dark and light soy sauce, sliced Chinese sausage, bean sprouts, and Chinese chives. A good “wok hei” is the central to this dish, which imparts the quality and the taste at a very high heat.

Chicken Rice
d49e0552fd40a3e1654a1f26e6a29ff3Here comes the most favorite and simple dish that tastes great. Chicken Rice isn’t a friend rice cooked simply. This dish of Hainanese origin is evolved combination of the Cantonese version. No wonder why Chicken Rice is the most loved dish in Singapore. Singapore has a maximum number of Chicken Rice hawkers. Often called the “national dish” of Singapore, Chicken Rice features silky smooth poached chicken on top of fluffy rice infused with chicken stock and sliced cucumber as the token vegetable.

Since variants are many and every restaurant and hawker have its own style of cooking dishes, we don’t want to claim this is the authentic list and authentic recipes. But, who cares as long as delectable dishes make a way to the stomach through the heart. What signifies Singaporean food is a full belly equals happy heart. Crab on or Curry on, but make your trip to Singapore a tasty one.

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