Wildlife and Gardens

Get Yourself Swung By Nature’s Rhythm at the Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Literally, there is no wisdom in knowing that we humans are at loggerhead with the nature. We are cutting the same branch we are sitting on by damaging the nature irreversibly. Our attempts are not only damaging the present, but affecting the future even more adversely. While the entire world is fiercely debating the impact of climate change and global warming, Singapore has a page of advice for the world from its textbook of green development. TBG (9)In Botanic Garden, Singapore has built as awesome marvel as only nature can build. The world’s only tropical garden that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Asia’s only award-winning park, Botanic Garden in Singapore offers methodical lessons on how to preserve and build a nature for better living.TBG (11)The Botanic garden stands on 3 pillars concept. Tanglin, Central and Bukit Timah; each of the three plays a crucial part in getting the glory the Botanic Gardens have attained. Tanglin is a heritage core that retains the old favorites and charms of this historic gardens, Central part is dedicated as a tourist belt, while the third; Bukit Timah is possessed by the education and discovery zone. Each of the cores has its own attraction for kids and adults alike. TBG (8)What amazes the most is the amount of greenery amongst the skyscrapers of this fascinating financial capital of the Southeast Asia. No wonder why the wonderland of the Botanic Gardens is the epicenter of this natural, flowering splendor. This oasis of calm at the heart of Singapore has 150 years of glorious history absorbed in 74 acres. TBG (12)Besides being the star attraction, this world-class marvel is a renowned scientific institution used for both conservation and education. The Botanic Gardens offers an array of botanical and horticultural magnetisms with an iconic history and a magnificent plant collection of worldwide significance. Complementing these unique resources are the sensitive developments and entertainment events. TBG (7)With a sole purpose to bring Singaporeans and visitors close to the nature’s wonders, the Botanic Gardens provide visitors educational and recreational facilities amidst the wonders of nature. It is the most visited botanic gardens in the world and is a unique example of an endeavor of preserving the nature with its most colorful aura. TBG (10)Established in 1859, it’s a tropical Valhalla peppered with glassy lakes, rolling lawns and themed gardens. The park sprawls across 2.5 km, over hill and dale, encompassing three lakes and a mesmerizing variety of specialized gardens. The Botanic Gardens are the home of over 10000 floral species. TBG (5)Designed with 4 main gardens; National Orchid Garden, Evolution Garden, Healing Garden and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, the Botanic Gardens has a rare patch of dense primeval rainforest, which is home to over 300 species of vegetation. Take your time to stroll around the Gardens and enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds and wonders the luscious greenery offers.TBG (4)The National Orchid Garden itself is the legacy of an orchid-breeding program that began in 1928. Spread across 3 hectares, the National Orchid Garden possesses over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids, which is the largest showcase of tropical orchids on earth. You will find the 1-hectare Ginger Garden next to The National Orchid Garden that has over 250 members of the Zingiberaceae family.TBG (2)The gardens offer four different trail guide for you to get minuscule information about each of the gardens and its creations. Rain Forest Trail Guide, Ginger Garden Trail Guide, National Orchid Garden Trail Guide as well as Evolution Garden Trail Guide. With VIP Orchid Garden, Orchidarium, Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse, Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House, Botany Centre, Tanglin Gate, Palm Valley, Bandstand area, Sun Garden and Sundial Garden, you will give your imagination a new look altogether. TBG (3)Besides uncountable attractions, The Botanic Gardens arrange a range events for visitors, such as Healing Garden Tour, Nature Sketching in the Gardens, and Heritage Tour. The Symphony Lake makes a romantic setting for seasonal opera performances. Slip on the trainers and head out to the Botanic Gardens. On the way, you will find downtown Singapore’s last remaining green lung is a cool, bucolic retreat filled with joggers, dogs and tai-chi practitioners.TBG (6)With its world-renowned botanical library, acres of varied vegetation and free admission, the park attracts both casual naturalists and scholarly botanists. If your eyes are glittered enough with the exuberance of the modern world, the Botanic Gardens is the perfect place for you to unwind and get yourself swung by nature’s rhythm.

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