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Immerse in a Sensory Experience of Unique Kind: 34% OFF Alive Museum, Singapore

Museum? Seriously? How can you imagine going out on a lucky holiday to a Museum. The idea sounds too creepy, isn’t it? Go for shopping, some water park, long drive or the nearby resort to have fun and excitement, not Museum.  But, you trust us and we have no intention to throw a bin of the dust on your day. Instead, we intend to fill your day with incomparable fun, unmatched excitement and bewildered entertainment. We are not talking about any boring science Museum or history ridden one. 14884209421_490a00dd63_zAlive Museum in Singapore is one of the latest and the 14th branch of Korea’s original and the biggest chain of the Illusionary Entertainment Museum. The quirky new attraction located in Suntec City Mall is the biggest 3D illusionary museum that promises to offer the whole family a sensory experience that is fun and unique. 005Alive Museum is an optical playground that showcases over 80 illusionary artworks and installations. Each one of them hides fascinating tricks and unveils upon your arrival one surprise after another. Each of artistic tricks will offer you an opportunity to be part of to complete the art adding your creativity.14700573600_22ef64c1e6_zHave you always dreamed about having a picture with the legendary Mandela and Gandhi? Have you ever thought after becoming a mama that you will be the princess of the Superman and will be saved by him? 14864280836_db87abc387_z_1Here; at Alive Museum, you have a chance to do all the things your fairy tale stories had for you. Immersing yourself in the fantasy, become part of a masterpiece and for a few hours live every dream that you had left behind. This museum can fulfill those dreams. Each unique art piece is hand painted and crafted in Korea and Singapore and aims to create a fun, entertaining and immersive 3D experience. Come let your visual, physical and environmental perceptions be tricked, allowing you to bring fantasy to reality.14700736377_9914fbecf3_zNot only can you touch and feel the exhibits at Alive Museum, you can also hop into the frame and become part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusions. The more you explore, the more you will be impressed by the art pieces you will discover. So, have fun in one of the world’s most creative museums with your friends or your family and take lots of nice pictures, which will make all your friends amazed and jealous.14884807444_7513deec9b_zAlive Museum is not really a museum or any kind, but is a fun house made up of mainly illusionary 3D artworks on the wall or floor. Hot, hip and hype, the Alive Museum has Trick art, Digital art, Object art, Experimental art and Themed Art Pieces to give you an experience of a life time and fill your day with never seen before excitement and entertainment.14886945332_4cb2801f8b_zTrick Art
Very popular during the Baroque era in the 16th century, Trick Art uses 3D painting techniques in various art pieces and these pieces play a trick with your eyes, stimulates your mind and forces thinking that might never have taken place before. Your mind will be left mesmerized between both illusion and reality at the same time.14907146513_591b510a67_z

Digital Art
Digital Art is basically a 3D art that combines state-of-the-art technologies and art elements. You will be experiencing art beyond what your eyes usually can see and indulge in illusions like never before.14700590990_0f9bdd40fb_z

Object Art
Do you love challenges? Well, we are talking about a different kind. Object Art features sculptures and installations that challenge our senses. It may not be true what your eyes just have seen. Touch and be part of the art piece for an immersive experience that you will talk about for a long time to come.173

Experimental Art
Experimental Art combines new technology with various digital art concepts for visitors to actively interactive with one another. One visitor may become an artist, and the other, a masterpiece! There is this one exhibit, which is called the Camera Obscura.168

Most of these art installations depict Korea, its sights, its views, culture and technological advancement. However, a few of them are uniquely created keeping mind the Singapore.14884824084_8ee1026ab9_z

If Suntec City Mall just happens to you and you have no idea what to do with your mischievous kids, take them in and unleash the fun upon them that you are your kids will remember of ages. SeeSingaporeAttractions highly recommends half a day out in the museum and offers 34% discount on Alive Museum tickets.14884799024_6c0b8b651e_z

Have an exciting, fun-packed outing.

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