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Singapore Flight Experience

Why not try out a simulated flight experience that uses a Boeing 737NG flight simulator during your stay in Singapore. The experience is conveniently located at The Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel.

The flight experience store caters for everyone, from the complete novice on their maiden flight to professional pilots gaining familiarity on our Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator.

The flight allows you to fly in the captains seat, where you will have a full briefing from your own personal flight instructor.

Once permission from Air Traffic Control is given, you will advance the throttles on your Boeing 737 down the runway to take off and then climb to 2000ft before banking into a 45° turn away from the airport.

The flight experience is similar to the flight simulators that airlines use to train their commercial pilots with a 100% authentic replica cockpit.

The whole experience aims to you make you feel as thought you are actually flying the Jet, with 180° wraparound visuals, high-fidelity sound and cooling systems, along with a slight seat vibration.

The experience suits are interests from the aviation enthusiast, would-be pilot to a thrillseeker.

About the B737

The Boeing 737 (B737) Series is the largest selling jet airliner that has ever been built. It was first launched in the 1960s with the B737-100, and since then more than 9,700 orders have been placed. It currently represents more than a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of commercial jet airliners! On average, about 1,700 B737s are in the air at all times and one takes off or lands every 2 seconds!

Visit the Flight Experience in Singapore



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