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Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is home to Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species. The award-winning exhibits are located at the west-end of Singapore and offer 20.2 hectares of exploratory landscape. Visitors also have the opportunity to meet and interact with birds throughout the park.

The largest walk-in aviary, the Waterfall Aviary houses over 600 birds and has a 30-metre high waterfall. Small birds fly around the surroundings plant species, enhancing the amazing experience.

Visitors can also enjoy the world’s largest 9-storey high Lory Loft and see some of the popular and friendly birds at the Park, as well as experience close up hand feeding with a cup of nectar mix.  Visitors will also see the chirpy lory and lorikeets, the brightly coloured tanager and red-crested cardinal.

At Penguin Coast you can see the Antarctic penguins housed in an ‘explorer ship’ and get wonderful views of the penguins as they dive and torpedo in the waters. The outdoors area provides the chance to see African penguins and feed them during at the encounter sessions

The Flamingo Lake has hundreds of greater and lesser flamingos alongside the Pelican Cover, which houses the world’s largest collection of pelican species.

About Jurong Bird Park

The breeding and conservation at Jurong Park has won international awards and accolades. The park is also home to the The Breeding and Research Centre (BRC), which opened to the 2012.

The park also offers lots fun for children, including the AtBirdz wet and dry play areas, with shallow pool for toddlers, water slides, squirt sprays and tipping bucket and more.

Enjoy the guided trams simply enjoy the stroll around the park.

Jurong Bird Park

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